Love Stories: Romance, Obsession & Heartbreak


The Atkinson’s first exhibiton is Love Stories: Romance, Obsession & Heartbreak  in association with The Vincent Hotel . It showcases art and objects from the Atkinson’s own collection, supplemented with artworks loaned from museums around the country and by the Arts Council.

Love Stories explores the universal experience of love and loss in five stages: flirtation and courtship; the choice; marriage; obsession and betrayal; settled love. A broad spectrum of media is used to chart this journey, from traditional oil paintings to contemporary installations and moving image. You can read more about the exhibition here.

Featuring old favourites from the collection including John Collier’s epic ‘Lilith’ and ‘Tannhäuser in the Venusberg’, William Open’s seductive  ‘The Eastern Gown’ and William Roberts’ flirtatious setting, ‘The Tea Room’. Visitors can also expect some surprises, with artworks that haven’t been shown for many years. For example, among the thwarted lovers on display are Antony and Cleopatra made from pottery plus Cupid and Psyche made from marble. A brand-new acquisition will be revealed: a set of digital artworks by Tracey Emin all about love.

To see more of Tracey Emin’s work please visit

The exhibition features new research by guest curator Dr Amanda Draper and an interpretive project funded by Leeds University and led by Kevin Laycock, Lecturer in Design.

The Love Stories exhibition is open:

10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday

11am – 4pm Sunday

Late night opening until 8pm on Thursday 


Why not visit the recently opened Craft Showcases situated in the foyer  featuring contemporary craft inspired by the Love Stories Exhibition.



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