History Collections

The history collection contains a wide variety of objects that focus on the development of Sefton and the origins of Southport. The history collections were originally displayed at the Botanic Gardens Museum and at Bootle Free Library and Museum and have been collected mainly through individual donations, loans and bequests, from local people, businesses, clubs and societies.

Highlights of the collection include a dug-out canoe dated to 535AD found in 1899 in a field near Crossens. Other ancient artefacts include fossilized Triassic dinosaur footprints from Storeton quarry. Maritime history is well represented and we have many items from the wreck of the Mexico and objects that belonged to the two survivors of catastrophe as well as the families of the lifeboat men who lost their lives..

Objects from William Sutton’s original ‘South Port hotel’ include furniture and Sutton’s violin. The hotel is one of several intricate ivory models of famous Southport buildings made by master craftsman A W Kiddie. Among our more popular and eye-catching objects are a model motorcar based on the prototype car built by Felix Hudlass in Southport in 1898, an unorthodox form of piano called a euphonicon, objects from Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic.and, of course, objects, models and comics relating to Southport’s very own superhero Dan Dare.