The Atkinson Development Trust


The Atkinson Development Trust, a charitable incorporated organisation and registered charity, was established on 23 March 2015 as part of a fundraising programme to support the development of The Atkinson. The Trust’s objectives are to advance and promote the education of the public by encouraging them to participate in and contribute to arts, cultural and heritage activities services managed for Sefton Borough Council, by The Atkinson, and by promoting high quality arts, cultural and heritage services that are accessible and enlightening.

The Trust carries out its objectives by raising funds from Members, Patrons, Trusts and Foundations to support a wide variety of activities and to help The Atkinson achieve its vision of ensuring everyone has access to arts an heritage, is able to use this access and value it for the significant and positive impact it makes upon their lives and wellbeing.

The Atkinson Development Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registered Charity Number 1161020.

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