Aims & Objectives

The Atkinson Community and Partnership Aims:

The Atkinson is committed to ensuring that its resources are available to independent, community and voluntary cultural organisations and individuals wherever appropriate, realistic and achievable. Through its resources The Atkinson seeks:

  1. To support and develop the community arts sector in Sefton through partnerships that promote good practise.
  2. To assist community groups to deliver activities for the pubic good through resource sharing and partnerships.
  3. To support programmes that promote high quality and ambitious creative achievement.
  4. To coordinate and share resources with partners that meet the health and wellbeing needs of Sefton residents.
  5. To support organisations and individuals to develop effective strategies that aid sustainability and financial self-sufficiency.
  6. To ensure that The Atkinson supports opportunities for formal and informal learning through culture.

The Atkinson Community Access:

The Atkinson serves a variety of roles including professional performing and visual arts programming, supporting the local economy and promoting health and wellbeing. We have a duty to maximise the income generating potential of our commercial and programming operations and this is in balance with the support we can give to our community partners. Every effort is made to satisfy appropriate demands on our resources but this is against our need to give priority to income generating requirements. These requirements also include meeting high professional and artistic standards, creating inclusive programmes and operating to wider social and wellbeing agendas. The varying demands made by community groups or organisations for access to The Atkinson will be measured against the following criteria:

  1. The potential to complement The Atkinson’s existing professional programme and meet our ambitions.
  2. The proposal delivers genuine artistic, health, wellbeing or commercial benefits to Sefton residents.
  3. The highest standards possible are met.
  4. The sustainability of any legacy.
  5. The financial stability and viability of the partner organisation.
  6. The ability of the partner organisation/individual to deliver their proposal.
  7. The ability of The Atkinson to service its responsibilities to the partnership.
  8. The availability of The Atkinson’s space/resources within the timeframe required.
  9. The impact of any partners demands on The Atkinson’s budget or staff.

Please note that the professional programming calendar will mean that spaces at The Atkinson may be unavailable for substantial periods.