Aims & Objectives

The Aims of the Programme:

  • To offer a rich, diverse and challenging programme that attracts people from across the region as well as engaged with Sefton residents
  • To become a flagship comedy venue for the North West – attracting some of the best known comedians and introducing new stars of the comic circuit through its monthly Comedy Club run by an external company.
  • To maximize the programming opportunities of the new equipment and facilities in the theatres and galleries
  • To develop a Christmas production in the main theatre to make a significant contribution to Box Office income
  • To negotiate deals that minimise loss but that do not risk the quality or offer of the complete programme.
  • To attract tourists during the peak visitor months into the building through a balanced and holistic programme offer.
  • To develop a region wide reputation for its dance programming and dance development working with Merseyside Dance Initiative and established and local companies.
  • To work with local businesses and hotels to build cultural tourism and attract over-night visitors to the town for events and festival led activities in The Atkinson.
  • To programme challenging, educational and entertaining work for children, from early years to 3-7 and 8+.
  • To build a strong relationships with local schools and colleges to meet their educational needs and The Atkinson’s financial targets.
  • To develop a vibrant and varied music programme across genres, that includes well-known musicians and groups alongside becoming be a hub for new music and bands, young musicians and aspiring musicians.
  • To be part of programming networks and consortiums that aid audience development, programme enrichment and new opportunities for funding.

Programming Opportunities:

  • To be part of region-wide festivals
  • To work in partnerships with other North West venues to gain funding for touring work, collections development, audience development and joint programming.
  • To use the performance and activity spaces for health and wellbeing initiatives funded by third parties.
  • To host arts awards and events to help build the brand and reputation of the venue.
  • To become a venue known for the development of young musicians and artists

The Policy:

Download the Performing Arts  Programming Policy