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On the first Wednesday of every month, Grateful Fred bring world class Americana, Roots and Acoustic music to The Atkinson. This month we welcome CUA with support from Mikey Kenny and Thom Morecroft.

The Club Night
7:30pm – Thom Morecroft
8:00pm – Mikey Kenny
8:40pm – Interval
9:00pm – CUA


Cua are John Davidson, Shane Booth & Ros O’Meara who bring together dynamic and contrasting instrumentation and vocal arrangements. The group have an expansive acoustic soundtrack blending guitars, fiddle, bouzouki, percussion and 3 part harmony arrangements to create a world music folk styling that the group call Atlantean. Cua have steadily built a reputation and following for their engaging, passionate and highly original performances. The Cua live experience has been compared to the intricacies of Planxty melodies combined with the harmony skills of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Cua truly pride themselves on their diversity, with subtle nods to many genres, whilst keeping a folk, world, roots and traditional line throughout. All members are multi-instrumentalists and are inspired by many aspects of the musical spectrum from jazz to classical, traditional to music therapy, bluegrass to acapella. Their neo-classical approach to music is what they believe is creating an Atlantean style, that is, inspired by the history, landscape and peoples of the Atlantic areas.

From the release of their self-titled ep, Cua have been recognised on a European as well as national level. The group are now set to return with their new 15 track album entitled “Songs of the Hollow”. Their distinct sound has wowed audiences in the last year and the group’s gathering momentum will bring them farther afield to a theatre, café, or street corner near you in the near future. Keep your ears open for soaring melody lines, dirgy, intense 3 part acapella vocals, and rhythm structures which will have the blood pumping through even the coldest of auditoriums.

This is a collaboration between three songwriter/composers, who, combined, bring 90 years of musical experience, stories and journeys to audiences at home and abroad.

Cua are receiving radio airplay in Scotland, England, Ireland, America, France, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany and are delighted to have received a creative Ireland grant for the development of their creative aspirations and local community arts touring expeditions.

Support Act

Mikey Kenny

Mikey Kenney – majestic singer, poetic songwriter, and English folk, Irish, Celtic, Bluegrass and Americana style fiddle player and multi-instrumentalist – could’ve been born any time in the past 500 years, but it’s no coincidence that he is alive and well today; for there are no coincidences in nature or the music that grows from its seed. This is indeed a stroke of luck for today’s booking agents, tavern owners, and all present and future lovers of ‘the real’.

A veritable magician of such substantive law, Kenney’s music (solo or collaborative) is a subtly powerful homage to the earth and hearts of humankind, and it succeeds from the bawdy level of spit and sawdust barroom sing-alongs to the lofty heights of the soul set free. Once heard, never forgotten.

Support Act

Thom Morecroft

Thom Morecroft is a British singer-songwriter from Shrewsbury, currently living in a shack in Sefton Park, Liverpool.

When he isn’t sitting in said-shack, Thom plays music live for a living and has even opened for the likes of Robert Vincent, Roxanne de Bastion, Beans on Toast and Will Varley.

Having just finished his second UK tour (and a short tour of Germany), Thom is currently working on a new album with a group of musicians who definitely know their parts but who also aren’t allowed to meet each other until the day of the recording.

Your host for the evening will be Grateful Fred.

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