Festival of Hope: Butterflies In The Chaos

Project Information

The Atkinson is working with a group of young people to create a Festival of Hope in 2020. The festival will be a celebration of creativity, diverse art forms and youth-led activity. Due to the current situation, we have been presented with an opportunity to reflect the real world around us and create an exciting digital artwork and platform. To do this, we will be working with artist Laurence Payot and five young leaders who will be facilitating a project name; Butterflies in the Chaos.

Butterflies in the Chaos

Everything we do has an effect on the world around us. The butterfly-effect-in-chaos theory is a scientific concept that outlines that the flick of a butterfly wing on one side of the world could create a tornado on the other. This concept gives us hope for change, gives us the ambition to re-imagine a world as we would like to see it.

A group of young creatives (age 14-18) will take part in online Zoom workshops with artist Laurence Payot and a team of young leaders to create exciting digital artworks.

The end project will form an interactive webpage showing the talents, creativity and wares of young people based in Sefton. This will be presented digitally on Sefton’s Festival of Hope website in August 2020 and will be presented as part of the festival’s celebrations later in the year.

The work will layer multiple artforms, and each young leader will champion an element which may cover:
• Drawing
• Graphic Design / social media
• Poetry/ written words/ Zine making
• Sound/music
• Dance/movement
• Film-making/ Photography

Workshop dates:
20 May 4-6pm: Portrait making in the age of selfies
27 May 4-6 pm: Everyday ‘alive’ Still Life
3 June 4-6 pm: Landscapes, from your window and beyond
10 June 4-6pm: Reimagining the world through narration and film-making
17 June 4-6 pm: Collective online soundscapes

Instagram @festivalofhopesefton

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