Hurrah for the Pirate King!

Workshop & Performance

All ages. This event takes place in February Half Term as part of Kidsfest.

Follow the great Pirate King‘s Adventures as he takes us on a Magical and Musical journey to find a treasure beyond Gold and Jewels.

Mysterious places shall ye see, from Hushabye Mountain to Cat Island where the Queen of the Cats holds her Court. With her help, can he entice the legendary Unicorn, keeper of the magical Unicorn Diamond to appear?

Buckle yer Swash ye Land-Lubbers – experience Opera, Ballet and Art-Song in a fun and inclusive way designed for children. Wrigglers, Fidgeters, Wanderers, Singers and Dancers of all ages are encouraged to join our Scurvy Crew!

If you put Pantomime, Ballet and Opera into a blender, this would be the smoothie…

The show is designed for children that may need to move around the space and not sit perfectly still on a seat for 30 minutes, especially younger children with additional needs.

At the front of the stage ‘sensory stations’ will be filled with props including tactile palm-trees and inflatable shells to sit, lie or fidget on.


Pre-show workshop: 1:20pm – 1:40pm (20mins)
Interval: 1:40pm – 2:00pm (20mins)
Show: 2:00pm -2:40pm (40mins)
Meet and Greet with characters after the show


Absolute Children’s Opera entranced audiences at Just So Festival in 2018 with their performance of ‘Hurrah for the Pirate King’. What an amazing introduction for young children to the world of Opera, it was the perfect mix of performance and interaction and so held their attention from start to finish. Spellbinding!
Just So Festival Organisers 2019

Directors: Roy Weissensteiner and Emma Marie Weissensteiner

For more information about visiting The Atkinson with babies and children, please see our Practical Information.

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