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#BigBlues Festival

6 gigs, 2 days, 1 venue

Featuring: Dr Feelgood (support Jon Casey Blues Band) / Dan Burnett / Roscoe Levee / Lisa Mills / The Connie Lush Band / Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders.

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Currently receiving praise for her re-recording of her 2005 album, ‘I’m Changing’ with Grammy-winning producer Trina Shoemaker (Sheryl Crow, Beth Neilsen Chapman, Indigo Girls) at the helm, Lisa is one of the greatest soul/blues singers you’ll ever hear and she’s no mean guitar slinger either!

Lisa Mills is a Mississippi native who resides in Mobile, Alabama. The Gulf Coast is a region where Southern musical influences that easily can be taken for granted come together in ways that can’t. Yes, Mills often sings the blues, but to call her a blues singer would be to miss the point entirely. Her blues influences aren’t always the ones would expect, including a healthy measure of country blues, a sadly neglected genre. She can sing straight-up gospel, as she does in daringly a cappella fashion on ‘Tell Me’. She has toured with Big Brother & The Holding Company, singing the songs of one of rock’s most revered female vocalists, and her understanding of Janis Joplin’s gifts is far more insightful than the superficial norm. Just listen to the fragile balance of vulnerability and indomitability she brings to ‘Better Than This’.

You can call Lisa Mills a blues singer, or a gospel singer, or a torch singer or an R&B singer and not be wrong. But with Mills, none of those labels are true in the way you expect. Listen to ‘Don’t Want To Be Happy’, when she sings: ‘Act a fool/ it’s all I ever do/ take each lie you make and believe it to be true/ and I kneel at the altar in the church of the painful truth/ I don’t want to be happy/ I just want to be with you’. Listen to the way the deceptively simple arrangement surrounds the raw vocal like the setting of a jewel. Listen to the way Mills’ vocal on the title track conveys tenderness and power at the same time. Listen to the rhythm of ‘Shake It’ the soft beats like stalking footfalls. Listen to her deep-blues take on ‘Little Wing’. You’ve heard the song before, but you’ve never felt it send shivers up and down your spine like this.

‘’I’m Changing is’ a rare breed, a roots torch album of sweep and depth comparable to classic pop counterparts such as Sinatra’s devastating Gordon Jenkins-arranged ‘No One Cares’. [Lisa Mills is]..a singer and songwriter of the first rank, uncompromising in the vision and concept of her art.’David McGee, Deep Roots Magazine

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