London Klezmer Quartet

LKQ’s old and new melodies on fiddle, clarinet, accordion and double bass, and colourful stories about musicians’ lives and times, take you on a journey from the Baltic to the Black Sea and beyond, delving deep into the celebratory and soulful music of Jewish eastern Europe. The band brings you the subtleties of the original tradition, combined with a kick-the-chairs-over ability to party. Bringing fresh life to an almost-lost folk tradition, LKQ’s concert programmes and three CDs include songs with themes ranging from food and love to conscription and exile.


Formed in 2009 by four London-based klezmorim with a shared interest in the traditional playing style, the band is one of a handful in the world also leading the dances this music would traditionally accompany: their ‘klezmer keilidhs’ are dance-your-socks-off events for all ages. Playing and dance workshops led by LKQ have also proved popular for a diverse range of participants at festivals, music colleges and schools.

“A fantastic sound with inventive arrangements, virtuosity, exciting original tunes and soulful playing.” (Songlines Magazine)

“Dizzyingly dynamic playing… a band at the forefront of the European klezmer revival” (fROOTS)

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