Museum in a Day – Birkdale

Visitors are invited to bring their own objects and memories to The Atkinson to create a  Pop-Up Museum exploring the history of Birkdale and the surrounding area.

What are your enduring memories of Birkdale? You may have seen Red Rum being walked down to the beach or have other sporting memories of Royal Birkdale or Lancashire playing cricket at the Trafalgar Road Ground.

Please bring something along that means something to you, photographs of old Birkdale or memorabilia and add it to our display and help us create an instant museum made from local people’s memories and objects.

Staff and volunteers from The Atkinson will be on hand to talk to you about objects from our collection, including original rarely seen postcards, photographs and objects from the local area.

Image is Old Ned’s Mill, Birkdale, Lancashire by Henry Backhouse

From The Atkinson’s collection

In partnership with Belong Care Village/

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