Access for All

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The Atkinson is part of a nationwide project called Start, funded by the charity Children and The Arts. Start supports young people in accessing their local cultural venue and opportunities to take part in high quality arts activities.

The funding has enabled The Atkinson to work in partnership with three local special education schools (Rowan Park Teaching School, Presfield High School, Crosby High School).

Over the past twelve months nearly 300 students from these three schools have visited our venue and taken part in creative workshops with artist Laura Pullig. Through the workshops students have been introduced to a range of art forms including Antony Gormley’s drawings, paintings from the Arts Council Collection and Shojo Manga. They have also had the opportunity to create their own work inspired by these exhibitions. Laura Pullig worked closely with the schools to ensure that the format and content of each workshop suited the young people taking part. The artwork created during the workshops is then being exhibited at The Atkinson during special events where family and friends are invited to celebrate the outcomes of the project.

Improving accessibility is often interpreted as making physical changes to a building but this project is allowing The Atkinson to explore the sometimes invisible barriers that might prevent people from engaging with a cultural venue.

Staff at The Atkinson have attended training to develop their understanding of autism and have discussed how they can use this new knowledge in their daily roles. One of the first outcomes of the training was the creation of a visual story for visitors to download and look through before they visit the venue. Click here to view our Visual story before visiting The Atkinson.

Children and The Arts are the only national educational charity committed to ensuring that all children in the UK are inspired by the arts.

For more information on Start funding please visit their website.