As of 31  March 2016 Public Health funding for Creative Alternatives across the borough of Sefton is ending. This means that Creative Alternatives and Think Differently Cope Differently programmes for residents experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress are no longer available from 1 April 2016 onwards. The wellbeing of residents remains a high priority across the borough, and alternative provision may be accessed by contacting the following organisations and agencies:

The Atkinson hosts regular sessions for Mental Health Support, Companions (with Age Concern), Shared Reading, Meditation and Tai Chi as well as painting and drawing classes. Some of these are free and others have a small charge. You can find  more information on the Sefton Directory. There are also the organisations listed below.

Click on their name for links to the website.

Sefton Libraries are safe, trusted and non-stigmatised places to go for help with, and information about, health problems through the Reading Well Books on Prescription reading list and regular Reading Groups.

Healthy Sefton or call 0300 100 1000

Active Lifestyles

Safe Regeneration in Bootle

Brighter Living Partnership

Citizens Advice Sefton: mail@seftoncab.org.uk Bootle: 0151 288 5683, Formby: 01704 38 5606, Southport: 01704 38 5627

May Logan Centre

Feelgood Factory

Sefton CVS

The Living Well Centre: or  email livingwellcentre@carers.sefton.gov.uk 0151 288 6890

SWAN Women’s Centre

Sefton Advocacy 01704 500500 01704 500900 or info@seftonadvocacy.org