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Sedition is the world’s leading online platform where artists display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Sedition offers everyone an easy, enjoyable and social way to experience art-collecting at affordable prices. The company was founded by Harry Blain, the owner of Blain|Southern. The mission of Sedition is to change the art world by introducing a marketplace for collecting and trading art in the digital age.

How It Works

Art on Sedition is presented in digital limited editions that exist in the digital realm. Any purchased artworks can be experienced seamlessly across all of your devices including TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers. Works are either streamed online or offline using our free apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung Smart TV devices.

Handmade in Merseyside

An exhibition of contemporary jewellery and craft reflects our ongoing commitment to showcasing this type of quality work, particularly by artists who are based on our doorstep, and have international reputations for their work. Other handmade crafts including beautiful silver Jewellery made with Real Flowers, Gina B glass and Philippa Dutton Jewellery.

Alan Phillips has been exposed to many materials and ways of working them and also the creative methodologies employed in differing art and design disciplines. Having experimented with these, initially for use in his teaching, have become strong influences in his own work. Download Artist Bio.

Alison Bailey Smith’s motivation comes from being the child of post war parents, Scottish thriftiness and an avid watcher of Blue Peter! Her need to re-use, re-develop and re-create can be seen in her wide use of ordinary materials with extra-ordinary results. Download Artist Bio.


Bev Bush is interested in making paintings/drawings and digital installations associated with the places of her childhood and is currently using the coastline where she grew up as a site for investigation. Download Artist Bio.

Helen Chatterton‘s inspiration for her work is the use of colour, often the juxtaposition of colours not usually put together. She gets lots of inspiration when sourcing new fabrics, one of her favourite periods in history the 1920’s and 1930’s, particularly in her velvet scarf range, reflect these period themes. Download Artist Bio.

Jenny Robson‘s work is mainly hand drawn and produced using traditional printing techniques including Lino cutting, screen printing and collography. Besides printmaking, she creates a variety of handmade gifts including floral corsages and custom tablet cases. Download Artist Bio.

Vivien Garland‘s passion for sculpting developed whilst spending many hours in the plaster room, where she also learnt the techniques of mould making and slip-casting. Download Artist Bio.

Nawal Gebreel draws inspiration from geometric forms, Japanese “shibori” and paper-folding. Her work incorporates her own original creative interpretations of the arts and is always looking to innovate new techniques in fabrics and textiles. Download Artist Bio.

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