False Lights Bring Folk-Rock Back!

False Lights Bring Folk-Rock Back!

Quite brilliant, I think” -Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

Two of the most popular young singers on the folk circuit have come together and formed a brand new folk-rock group.

Jim Moray and Sam Carter have formed a brand new folk rock group. False Lights owe as much to Radiohead as they do to Fairport Convention

“Proof that folk rock can still work if it’s made by people who aren’t in thrall to the 70s” fRoots

Fans of Sam and Jim’s often sombre solo work might be surprised by their stated intention to make False Lights a joyful spectacle. But that’s immediately evident when they perform. This is a turn-it-up-to-eleven-and-throw-yourself-about-your-dad’s-garage kind of group. Folk songs you can jump to!

“A guitar-driven folk rock explosion which will certainly clear out any cobwebs” Folk Radio UK

Both the band name and the album title were inspired by Bella Bathurst’s 2005 novel The Wreckers which tells of 18th-century scavengers using false lights to wreck ships and salvage the contents. No member of False Lights has ever knowingly wrecked a ship and salvaged the contents.

False Lights perform The Atkinson on Saturday 29 October at 8pm. Tickets for are £12 (£10 concession). To book your tickets please visit theatkinson.co.uk or call our Box Office team on 01704 533 333




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False Lights

Saturday 29 October


£12 (£10 concession)


Posted on 20 October 2016 under General news

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