WW2 Shelter Key Found – Tell Us Your Stories

WW2 Shelter Key Found – Tell Us Your Stories

Last week, we had a brilliant donation from a local gentleman, Martyn Griffiths. Meet the newest piece in our collections, a WW2 Street Shelter Key for Chester Road in Southport.

A small rusty key with an attached fob that reads “Street, Shelter, No.” “Chester Road” and is believed to have come from an air raid shelter that would have been situated on Chester Road, Southport. Martyn came across it when he was clearing the effects of a Mr Hukin and Martyn believes he was the key holder back in the second world war.

You can see this remarkable piece of Sefton’s local history on display outside of the lift on the first floor. We’re desperate to hear some stories from people who remember the shelter or have memories of using any of the local air raid shelters during WW2. Get in touch and let us know your stories galleries@theatkinson.co.uk



Posted on 24 July 2017 under Exhibition, General news

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