Crowdfunding declared a success!

Crowdfunding declared a success!

The Atkinson Development Trust launched a Crowdfunding appeal in May and we are delighted to announce it has been a success!

This beautiful Chinese skirt is on display thanks to the wonderful support we received through our crowd-funding campaign ‘Empower our Flowers’ with Spacehive. Everyone who donated helped us to carry out important restoration work on this textile, and have this item put on display in The Atkinson’s Cross Pollination exhibition, which is running until 04 April 2020. Thank you to all our generous donors:

Paula Atkinson, Natalie Bosworth, Ian Bryden, Peter Cowley, Pat Dodd, Councillor Jan Grace, Great Northern Events, Patricia Hardy, Jo Kay, Martin James Kilpatrick, Councillor Paulette Lappin, Jennie Grace Nicol, Sefton Community Transition Fund, Christopher Ward and Stephen Whittle

The skirt on display:

Restored Chinese Skirt












Posted on 6 August 2019 under General news

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