The Landing: The Liverpool School

The Landing: The Liverpool School

Our gallery, The Landing, is proudly playing host to an artwork exhibition from The Liverpool School of Artists. The exhibition features over 80 pieces of art, all of which centre around the urban landscape.

The Liverpool School was formed by graduates of Liverpool Hope University and Liverpool John Moores University, it is the first new art movement to be created in roughly 40 years. The movement aims to reinvent the depiction of urban life in art. Through their use of geometric shapes, the artists reflect contemporary city-based scenery and capture the feel and movement of modern life. As such, buildings, public transport, and cityscapes feature heavily, and you can catch glimpses of the familiar landscapes of Liverpool, Whitby, and Birmingham.

While always keeping the ethos of the movement in mind, the artists featured in this exhibition approach the city landscape though their own distinct styles. The works on display are therefore never restricted to one style, rather they are free to differ from one another and can range from the heavily abstract styles of David Tedham, Gabrielle Caul, and Mike Rickett, to the more impressionistic styles of Maureen Sullivan and Susan Lee Brown. There is something for everyone in the exhibition, from Steve Evans entrancing pieces that study the abstract effects created by the superimposition of lines, to Lynn Jeffery’s striking prints of man-made environments, and Paul Hipkiss’ subjects of heavy industry and canal architecture.

The result is a joyful blend of different perspectives and experiences. In moving through the exhibition, you move through a range of tones and emotions, and you begin to see all the different ways we can interact with our modern surroundings and importantly, how these surroundings can begin to shape us.

The exhibition includes paintings, etchings, prints, lino cuts, sculptures and reliefs. All are available to purchase.

The exhibition is on the first floor and is open Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm, until the 28th March 2020.

Written by Shannon Benson, Manchester Metropolitan University

Posted on 13 March 2020 under Exhibition

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