Jigsaw – The Arrest of a Peasant Royalist

Jigsaw – The Arrest of a Peasant Royalist

Piece together this jigsaw puzzle of The Arrest of a Peasant Royalist, Brittany, by Frederick Goodall from our fine art collection.

Subjects from the French Revolution were popular with Victorian artists and their sympathies generally lay with the royalists. A basket of broken eggs in the foreground expresses the devastating impact that the loss of the breadwinner will have on the family. The distaff lying on the ground, a spinning tool and a symbol of domesticity, reinforces the message.

The painting is featured in our upcoming exhibition The Triumph of Art, available to view online ahead of the gallery display. The exhibition celebrates the restoration of The Triumph of art by Nicolas-Pierre Loir (1624 – 1679), given to us in the late 1800s. The exhibition also features highlights from The Atkinson’s collection, reflecting the art forms portrayed in ‘The Triumph of Art’, including portraiture, sculpture, music and painting.

View The Triumph of Art exhibition online here.

Posted on 1 August 2020 under At Home Activities, Exhibition, General news

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