LEGO Puzzle: The Master Mosaic Maker

LEGO Puzzle: The Master Mosaic Maker

You have been working as an Apprentice for Markos, the Master Mosaic Maker of Olynthus, for over a year, and he has decided you are almost ready to become a Journeyman Mosaic Maker. First though, you must pass his famous Mosaic Mystery tests!

There are four picture puzzles to work on, and each one has three stages. The first stage is to work out the answers to maths questions (mosaic 1: addition, 2: subtraction, 3: multiplication, 4: a combination of addition and division).

The second stage is to use their answers and a colour code to colour in the puzzle with pens, pencils, or crayons. The third stage is to use LEGO bricks to create a mosaic based on their coloured puzzle.

You will need to print out the worksheets (they say “print this” in the bottom right hand corner), but the instruction and answer pages could easily be displayed on screen, to save paper and the environment.

Download activity sheets here.

Show us your mosaics

Keri Rutland has created this fab LEGO mosaic using the puzzle instructions from The Master Mosaic Maker. We would love to see your creations, tag us on social media or email


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