Spitfire BM597

Spitfire BM597

We have been sent these amazing ‘then & now’ photos from Polish Heritage Flight. Spitfire BM597 was based at RAF Woodvale during its WW2 service. The iconic aircraft recently made a flying visit to Woodvale on its way to an Air Show in Northern Ireland.

There is an interesting detail that can just about be made out in the background of the first photos. From 1942 there was a diagram of the airfield runway layout painted on the side of the air traffic control tower. This feature can be seen in the original photos and has been maintained and is still present on the current building.

Photos courtesy of Polish Heritage Flight, Mike Mothershaw and the Woodvale Owners Group.

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Courage & Devotion
26 June 2021 – 12 March 2022

Posted on 6 September 2021 under Exhibition, General news

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