The Greatest Poles of the 20th Century

The Greatest Poles of the 20th Century

In the children’s library from the 16 – 22 of November

Pupils from the John Paul II Saturday School in Liverpool have kindly created a special exhibition showcasing their greatest compatriots of the 20th century across all fields including arts, culture, sport, science and politics. This will be accessible to the public from the 16 November – 22 November in The Children’s Library; ground floor of The Atkinson.

The aim of the exhibition is to unveil how important Poles were and are to the world and that it is great to be proud of your roots.  Through paintings, short biography notes, documentaries and many more, this small exhibition will transport you in time and make you fall in love with Polish heritage.

The project is cofounded by the Stowarzyszenie “Wspólnota Polska” and the John Paul II Polish Saturday School in Liverpool.

The Atkinson is proud to support this project.


Posted on 18 October 2022 under General news

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