Celebrating World Bee Day – With Michael

Celebrating World Bee Day – With Michael

Hi, everyone,

My name is Michael and I am learning how to be a beekeeper at The Atkinson.  I’ve been wanting to train as a beekeeper after hearing about the population of bees declining in the UK.  I am wanting to help increase the population by helping to get them back out into the world.

What I like about the bees is that they help produce the plants, flowers and food that we eat.  They also make honey which I like and they help make the world go round.

What we can do to help protect the bees in the future is to preserve the vital green spaces that we have in urban areas like parks and gardens.

About World Bee Day:

World Bee Day, observed on the 20th of May, is a significant occasion that highlights the importance of bees worldwide. It serves as a reminder of the crucial role these small creatures play in our ecosystems. On this day, we reflect on the tireless work of bees as they diligently pollinate flowers and contribute to the delicate balance of nature.

It’s a time to appreciate their vital contribution to agriculture and the environment. So let us take a moment to recognise the significance of bees and the need to protect and conserve these remarkable creatures on World Bee Day.

Written by a volunteer. Working in co-operation with B4 Biodiversity.

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Posted on 16 May 2023 under Bees, General news

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