People of The Atkinson: Bev

People of The Atkinson: Bev

As we begin our tenth birthday celebrations, we want to spotlight the team who make this place so special. Introducing… People of The Atkinson.

Bev, Customer Assistant.

“I have had the privilege of working at The Atkinson for more than 8 years, and it is truly an extraordinary place to work. Even before becoming a Customer Assistant, I would often stroll by or attend shows here, and it always instilled in me a deep desire to work within these walls… and now I am fortunate enough to do so!

Being a Customer Assistant means I get to experience everything The Atkinson has to offer.  Whether it’s selling delightful gifts in our shop, guiding patrons in our theatre and studio, tending the bar, assisting with exhibits in our galleries and museums, or simply being a welcoming presence throughout the building, my role encompasses a remarkable range of responsibilities. The greatest joy comes from working with such an amazing team that feels more like a close-knit family – we genuinely support and care for one another.

Without a doubt, one of the most awe-inspiring performances I have witnessed on our stage is Totally Tina. Watching her embody Tina Turner is nothing short of mesmerising – the resemblance is uncanny! On the other hand, the strangest incident I’ve encountered during my tenure here involved someone attempting to scatter the ashes of a loved one onto the stage mid-performance. That was certainly a peculiar experience!

Every day in The Atkinson is like stepping into a world of wonder. I get to hang out with the most creative and passionate people you’ll ever meet, and we’re all about making art fun for everyone.”

Posted on 19 July 2023 under General news, People of The Atkinson

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