People of The Atkinson: Jim

People of The Atkinson: Jim

A fresh perspective on the individuals who contribute to the wonder of The Atkinson.

Meet Jim, our Senior Technician.

“While it may sound like a cliché, the most rewarding aspect of my job is witnessing the joy of our audiences. Amid the chaos of working on various shows, there are those rare productions that truly stand out, and I think to myself… I made this happen!

My journey to this point has been shaped by a background in studios and live events. My trajectory led me to The Atkinson in 2017, following a period of freelancing for diverse projects ranging from tours and sports events to live music and corporate functions. As a Senior Technician, my days are often extensive, with shifts that can stretch up to 17 hours. My commitment is fuelled by the drive to ensure each show surpasses expectations for our audiences. And with up to five different performances taking place on our stages each week, it is no mean feat!

Our venue’s versatility ensures that no two days are alike. Some of my highlights from our stage include the amazing Seven Drunken Nights productions and the real ponies for our 2021 Cinderella pantomime.

Due to much of my time being spent behind the scenes, I get to witness to a plethora of captivating tales and have a million anecdotes. From kicking a bunch of drag queens out of our dressing rooms when they decided to record a podcast in there, to hot-spotting Wi-Fi from my phone to a famous actor’s laptop so he could do a virtual audition. It’s never dull!

Something audiences may not know is that the backstage of The Atkinson is its own labyrinth to navigate. The amalgamation of the historic Cambridge Hall layout with numerous past regeneration endeavours has yielded a maze of staircases leading to nowhere and centuries-old fireplaces seemingly suspended in the ceilings. It’s amazing to possess an insider’s view of a place that embodies such rich history.

The potential of The Atkinson as a hub for the performing arts is truly remarkable. My interactions with touring production companies reveal their fondness for The Atkinson – be it the charm of our architecture, the camaraderie of our team, the allure of our stage, or the enthusiasm of our audiences. Our theatre boasts an exceptional reputation that resonates far and wide, a testament to its unparalleled excellence.

The standards we have set for ourselves are exceptionally high, a fact that is underscored by the consistently glowing feedback we receive. Over the past decade, The Atkinson has undergone a profound transformation, a transformation I’ve had the privilege to witness during my tenure. Playing a role in this remarkable journey alongside an exceptional team fills me with immense pride. I am truly honoured to contribute to this incredible evolution.”

Posted on 10 August 2023 under People of The Atkinson

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