People of The Atkinson: Rachel

People of The Atkinson: Rachel

Working behind the scenes, People of The Atkinson is giving a platform to those you don’t regularly see!

Rachel – Marketing Officer.

“I’ve been with The Atkinson for over two years, and it’s been a wild ride! Superb exhibitions, amazing theatre productions, and met incredible people—I’ve seen and done it all.

Working in the Marketing Department means I get to enjoy every aspect of The Atkinson’s program and shout about all the amazing things happening in this beautiful building. I’m still surprised by how much goes on here—there’s truly something for everyone. Despite it being the performing arts side that originally drawn me in, I’ve fallen in love with the arts and heritage side of our work. It’s the best history lesson ever!

Speaking of which, Horrible Histories is my favourite thing I’ve seen in our theatre. I laughed so hard, I probably enjoyed it more than the kids in the audience. I love all our family theatre productions—they’re so creative and full of joy. I have great memories of being taken to the theatre as a child, and I love that these productions will create core memories for our little visitors too.

Another highlight is Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I think our traditional theatre space is perfect for plays and comedy, although I am partial to a little dance in the aisles when we have tribute acts on our stage. I’m looking forward to another crazy pantomime this year! As marketers, we start planning our Christmas schedule in June, which is surreal. I even dressed as a pantomime cow in a heatwave to promote Jack and the Beanstalk—not something you do every day!

I love knowing that my work helps promote The Atkinson and its amazing programs and events. It’s so rewarding to see people have a great time here, and to know that I played a role in that. I get to meet so many cool people too—artists, historians, and members of the public with their own Atkinson memories to share. It’s a joy to be part of an institution that means so much to the people of Sefton.

The Atkinson team is one of the most creative, passionate, and supportive groups of people I’ve ever worked with. We’re constantly pushing each other to be better, and we have a lot of fun in the process. The staff and volunteers are the heart of The Atkinson, and I think that shows in the work we produce.

So happy tenth birthday, The Atkinson! Long may you continue being a beacon of creativity and inspiration to so many!”

Posted on 27 October 2023 under People of The Atkinson

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