Buzzing with Activity: Celebrating World Bee Day at The Atkinson

Buzzing with Activity: Celebrating World Bee Day at The Atkinson

Today, on the 20th of May, we celebrate World Bee Day – a day to recognise the vital role that bees and other pollinators play in our ecosystem. Here at The Atkinson, we’ve been doing our bit to support these busy little creatures for over a year now, and we’re excited to share some updates from our beehives!

Our two hives have been a source of fascination and joy for our staff and volunteers. We’ve watched in wonder as the bee colonies have grown and thrived, and we’ve carefully supported them through the colder winter months. Now, with spring in full swing, our hives are abuzz with activity!

Last week, four of our dedicated beekeeping volunteers conducted a hive check. Their report is encouraging:

  • Hive One: While the queen bee wasn’t spotted this time, there’s plenty of brood (developing bee larvae) and resources like pollen and nectar. The hive is clearly busy and thriving!
  • Hive Two: Success! Our queen bee was spotted in the brood box, surrounded by developing brood cells.

We’ve made sure to leave all the honey produced by our bees for them to consume, ensuring they have the energy they need to keep their colony strong. However, we hope to harvest a small amount later in the year for a special honey tasting session. We’re also planning to have our honey tested to learn more about what our bees are foraging on and how this unique pollen mix influences the flavour of the honey!

Stay tuned for further updates on our beekeeping adventures at The Atkinson. We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for these essential pollinators, and we’re excited to share our journey with you!

Posted on 20 May 2024 under Bees

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