10th Birthday Celebrations – The Atkinson in Conversation

Our brilliant team are a passionate bunch! We love the arts and are dedicated to making The Atkinson a vibrant and welcoming space for everyone. We love learning about and sharing history, art, and culture with the public.

To celebrate The Atkinson’s 10th Birthday, we have asked volunteers and staff to identify their favourite painting or object from our collection.

To learn more about our beautiful painting of Street Scene 1935 by LS Lowry with volunteer Rose, pop in to our galleries on Saturday 25 November at 11am.

Rose has chosen this painting as her grandparents lived in Salford and her memories of the streets and housing typical of this area have become “part of her consciousness”.

Rose volunteers at The Atkinson and previously volunteered in Liverpool at F.A.C.T. and Tate Liverpool. She studied Graphics with a specialism in animation at John Moore’s University and went on to teach art and design in Knowsley.

No need to book, simply head to our Gallery on the first floor on Saturday 25 November for a start at 11am.

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