ABBAMANIA: 25 Anniversary Show


Celebrating 50 years of ABBA music!

 1974 ABBA won the Eurovision song contest with “WATERLOO” and you can still dance, you can still jive and have the time of your life.

 Europe’s leading ABBA tribute, Abbamania, continue to entertain audiences with their outstanding vocals and live musical performance on stage.

Abbamania’s widely acclaimed tribute to ABBA is a sensational two hour show featuring record breaking and timeless hits from ‘Waterloo’ to ‘ Dancing Queen’  ‘Mamma Mia’  ‘Fernando’ and ‘Chiquitita’ all of which will have you dancing in the aisles.

So dust off your platforms, put on your flares and come along and enjoy an unforgettable night with ABBAMANIA!


This night was a night for all ABBA lovers and I am thankful that I was one of themLife Is, Manila

LIVE musicianship at its very bestChatteris

ABBAMANIA truly is the next best thing to ABBAThe Concert Scene 

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