Dr Onyeka Nubia – The Triumph of Art: Jean Baptiste Colbert and the Code Noire

The Triumph of Art by Nicolas Pierre Loir was created as an allegory of the arts, a celebration of music, architecture, sculpture, portrait and history painting. The painting looks at the life and times of Jean Baptiste Colbert, a major patron of the arts and a powerful minister who helped Louis XIV rule over France in the 1600s.

An exhibition contextualizing the newly restored painting has been created from The Atkinson’s permanent collection, reflecting the art forms portrayed in The Triumph of Art.

Dr Onyeka Nubia has been invited by The Atkinson to comment on The Triumph of Art by Nicolas Pierre Loir and the patron, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, and his authorship of the ‘code noir’. Dr Nubia is a pioneering and internationally recognised historian, writer and presenter who is reinventing our perceptions of the Renaissance, British history, Black Studies and intersectionalism.

Join us YouTube and Facebook for the pre-recorded lecture from Dr Nubia, Thursday 15 October, 7:15pm.

The event is free, donations to The Atkinson Development Trust are welcomed.

This lecture is free to attend, thanks to a generous donation from the Southport Lecture Society to The Atkinson Development Trust.