Free Talk: A Wartime Christmas

A talk by Angela, Pegasus WW2 Re-enactment Group.

Six years of war meant that a Christmas celebrated during WW2 was quite different to the ones we know today.

Basic foods were scarce, so luxuries where hard to come by. Gifts where often handmade and children’s toys frequently made of recycled materials. Christmas cards were made of very flimsy paper, as was the decorations placed around the home.

But the hardest thing for most was spending this special time of year away from your loved ones. Many men were fighting abroad, some where POW’s, mothers were carrying out war work and many children found themselves living in strange parts of the country as evacuees.

Join Angela for a journey back to a time of make do and mend and learn about how the great British spirit carried on regardless.

Object of the Month

The Object of the Month lunchtime talks take place on the second Wednesday of every month and highlight different objects from our fine art and social history collections.

Join us as we discover the hidden histories of items across our collections, from painting, print and sculpture to craft, costume and ceramics. The programme is delivered by Museum and Gallery staff as well as a wide range of outside expert speakers.

Object of the Month talks are freeDonations to The Atkinson Development Trust are welcomed.

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