Free Talk: The Battle of the Atlantic – 1939 to 1945

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest running campaigns in World War Two and arguably the most important. If the Allies had lost it, Britain would have been cut off from the rest of the world and been starved into submission by the Nazis. This is the story of how Nazi U-boats played havoc with our shipping and how, initially, we had little to prevent massive losses. By sheer determination, improvisation and application of science we were able to counter the offensive and turn the threat round until the Nazis losses were so great they had to concede defeat.

A horrible tale of death and destruction on the high seas, illustrated by our fight back from the air and on and under the sea.

This talk will examine the threat, the initial success of the U-boats and how limited our defences were. It will show how we fought back, the advances in detection and destruction of the enemy, together with the human cost, bravery and incredible heroism.

Aldon Ferguson Biography:

Aldon Ferguson is a military historian specialising in the RAF and USAF and also an expert on Russia and the former FSU. After being commissioned in the Royal Air Force he graduated as a Chartered Surveyor and specialised in commercial property. He became the first Chartered Surveyor to operate in the Former Soviet Union setting up his own offices in Moscow, St Petersburg and Kiev, Ukraine. The 17 year business experience in the region led to extensive travel across the entire FSU, literally from Mongolia to Poland.

He now works with the Air Historical Branch (RAF), RAF Heritage and Historic England in recording military bases for future generations and the public archive. He has written nine books on RAF historical subjects and appeared many times on national TV, local TV and is consulted by the BBC and private TV production companies on military matters, RAF and local history. In addition to this Aldon is the historian for several RAF bases and one ex Fighter Command Squadron.

Extensive world-wide travel has given Aldon a unique insight into geography, history, social backgrounds and trends which he uses in his numerous historical lecture subjects including the relatively secret world of Covert Operations in the Cold War, Cyber Warfare, Photographic Reconnaissance and Interpretation, Intelligence gathering and various battles and operations such as Arctic Convoys, the Siege of Malta and linked subjects.

Booking is required before 4pm on Tuesday 23 May 2023. The talk will be presented using Zoom. You will receive an email invitation to join a Zoom meeting.


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