I, Elizabeth
From the award-winning creators of Christmas Gothic, Orlando, The Time Machine and Jane Eyre: An Autobiography.

1568: At a vital crossroads in history a young Queen steps from the shadows to unburden herself of her many troubles and reveal her innermost thoughts on marriage, succession, religion, war and the challenges to her throne.

Defying the establishment by choosing to lead her country alone, she forsakes her own dreams and desires in order to steer England towards national and spiritual security. But time is against her…

Elizabeth I: Queen at 25, political phoenix and famously unmarried, she was the most educated woman of her Age – but who was the woman beneath the crown?

Traitor, bastard, heretic or prisoner: call her what you like. The rest is history.

Using only Elizabeth’s own letters, speeches and writings, solo performer Rebecca Vaughan continues her successful collaboration with director Guy Masterson (Austen’s Women – Edinburgh 2009 and Adelaide 2010 sell out), exploring the Queen’s struggle to reconcile the desires of womanhood with the duties of sovereignty.


“Riveting… a breathtaking creation” ★★★★★ – Edinburgh Evening News

“An absolute masterclass… I can’t recommend this highly enough” ★★★★★ – Fringe Review

“Any actress portraying Elizabeth I would have to have a strong presence… Rebecca Vaughan delivers… a performace worthy of an Academy Award.” ★★★★★ – The Carrick

“I, Elizabeth is a moving, emotional and passionate production… Rebecca Vaughan plays a five star role as Elizabeth, giving her all and more to the performance, confiding in the audience as though they are her closest confidants. The costume is fantastic, the acting superb, and the content brilliant. A definite must see for history and theatre addicts.” ★★★★★ – Hairline

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