LM 756, F-Freddy- A Lancaster Bomber Memorial Story

Kevin Ruane MBE unveils a remarkable tale of courage, remembrance, and a fateful mission on Hitler’s Alpine Retreat at Berchtesgaden at the end of WW2.

Lancaster Bomber LM756, F-Freddy, was shot down whilst over the target area and the presentation tells of the events which led to the attack, showing actual film footage and photographs from the raid. It gives the gripping first-hand account of Flight Sergeant Ian Fraser RAF (VR) who was the Flight Engineer of the lead aircraft of 619 Squadron on the raid.

Discover how a chance meeting between the presenter and the Burgermeister of Adnet in Austria, led to the erection of a memorial in 2015, to honour the crew of the last Lancaster Bomber of 619 Squadron RAF.

The presentation goes on to show how the design of the memorial was chosen and the work undertaken to obtain the memorial plot at the crash site.

Experience a captivating journey through history and discover the hard work undertaken to honour those who were shot down on the raid.

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