Meet Mrs Goodison!

Travel back in time to meet our very own Mrs Goodison. Anne will be on had in the Egyptology gallery to say hello and tell you about her adventure in Egypt.
This is a family friendly activity with no booking required.

Mrs Goodison’s Meeting Times:

11am – 11.45am,
1pm – 1.45pm,
3pm – 3.45pm.

About Mrs Goodison’s Egyptology Collection

Anne Goodison was one of a handful of wealthy Victorian ladies in the North West who were fascinated by ancient Egypt. As the wives or daughters of wealthy industrialists, these women had financial independence. They could travel abroad and fund the work of archaeologists. They met explorers and made friendships with museum curators, sharing adventures and knowledge. Their passion for collecting enabled them to satisfy their curiosity and demonstrate their status in society.

Anne was married to a successful civil engineer, George Goodison, who devised the drainage system in the Everton area of Liverpool. EFC’s football ground was later named after him. Anne was a student of hieroglyphics and an avid collector of Egyptology. She put together a wide ranging collection which presents a snapshot of her view of Egyptian life and exhibited it in her own ‘Museum Room’ in her home in Waterloo, Liverpool.

Sadly Anne’s husband did not share her interest in the collection and he offered it for sale to Bootle Museum after her death in 1906 aged 61. Eventually it was purchased by a local man, Mr Davies, who had spent his working life in Egypt and who presented it to Bootle Museum. After the museum closed in 1974, the collection remained in storage until 2014, when Heritage Lottery Funding allowed The Atkinson to develop an Egyptology museum.

 Did You Know?

November 2022 marks 100 years since Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s Tomb.

We are marking this occasion by hosting an Egyptology Month across November packed full with special events.

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