Operation Sealion & the British Preparations for German Invasion 1940

A talk by Major (Retd) Jonathan Cunningham MBE – Operation SEALION 1940.

Operation SEALION & the British Preparations for German Invasion 1940 – A story of innovation, resolve and double bluff.

Jonathan Cunningham was commissioned into the Army in 1993. He served in Northern Ireland for over 3 years, was head of Belfast Operations for 39 Infantry Brigade, Bosnia as Battlegroup Intelligence and Operations Officer. He has served in Whitehall at the MoD, MA to Commander 7th Armed Brigade for 2003 for the US coalition led Iraq Invasion.

He concluded his service as Chief of Staff 42 (NW) Brigade. In 2010 he was awarded an MBE. He has 3 grown up children and married to his lovely Joanne. He is now the Registered Care Manager over several Southport Care Homes. Jonathan is also a ‘closet’ expert on the British ‘Carry On’ films. He plays the ukulele terribly and is an even worse singer. He is a busy Team Leader of the Southport Community First Response Team responding to 999 calls in his evenings and delivers free first aid to schools, scouts and youth groups. He is fascinated by the German OPERATION SEALION and the British counter preparation for German invasion 1940. ‘Don’t give him your name Pike!’


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