The Toothy Adventures of Davy Denture

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Everyone expects Davy to be a dentist when he grows up. But he wants to be …….. something else. Off he goes with Grandpa Fred and Robot on a special adventure where he makes toothy discoveries, learns about love and loss, and finally decides what he wants to be.

Artful Playground’s interactive musical stories are aimed at children aged 3-7 and for children with special educational needs. Stories are brought to life as the children are invited to take part and become the characters, sing songs and play games with the story leader. Musicians represent the characters on different instruments, and the story is accompanied by a live, musical soundtrack.

The outcome is a wonderful mix of fun and learning, as Artful Playground and the children join forces and go on an imaginative journey together!

“An excellent interactive story with added bonus of live music and instruments – the music with the story was my daughter’s favourite part. Great for all ages to take part in together.” Natalie – Teacher

“Fabulous interactive story telling that captured the imaginations of my 6 and 7 year olds. They loved it!” Noelle – Teacher 

This event is great for families because children join forces to go on an imaginative journey to help Davy decide what he wants to be!

Suitable for ages 3-7. The show lasts approximately 60 minutes.


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