Walk On

From Richard Long to Janet Cardiff – 40 years of Art Walking

‘Walk On’ is the first exhibition to examine the astonishingly varied ways in which artists since the 1960s have undertaken a seemingly universal act – taking a walk – as their means to create new types of art. The exhibition offers an as-yet-unwritten history of recent art practice. It proposes that, across all four of the last decades, artists have worked as kinds of explorers, whether making their marks on rural wildernesses or acting as urban expeditionaries.

The exhibition brings together nearly 40 artists who all make work by undertaking a journey on foot. Each engages in an emotional way with the landscape.

Walk On artists include; Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, Julian Opie, Bruce Nauman, Francis Alÿs, Marina Abramovic, Sophie Calle, Janet Cardiff, Melanie Manchot, Tim Robinson, Carey Young, Tim Brennan, Mike Collier, Brian Thompson, Alec Finlay, Chris Drury, Dan Holdsworth, plan b, Wrights & Sites, Richard Wentworth, Simon Pope, James Hugonin, Rachael Clewlow, Rachel Reupke, Atul Bhalla, Sarah Cullen, walkwalkwalk, Tim Knowles, Bradley Davies, Brendan Stuart Burns, Ingrid Pollard, Pat Naldi & Wendy Kirkup, Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson, Tracy Hanna and Jeremy Wood.

The exhibition is curated with Cynthia Morrison-Bell and artist Mike Collier in partnership with NGCA, and supported by Arts Council England. Organised and toured by Art Circuit Touring Exhibitions.


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