Where Caterpillars Go

Show Times:  1pm & 2.30pm

**Special Offer: 3 for 2 on selected children’s theatre**

Follow an inquisitive Caterpillar into a beautiful and tactile garden where together we’ll explore life, growth, wonder and loss through live music and playful movement in this fun and visually striking show.

Where Caterpillars Go is a thoughtful look at the cycle of life, explored within a garden where almost everything is made from paper. Watch seeds fly, fall and sprout, and shoots spiral and uncurl. Chase leaves and butterflies as they flutter by in this lively garden that pops up before your eyes!

The show has a limited capacity of 60 people per performance (children + adults) which creates an intimate and magical experience for each audience member.

Running Time: Approx 50 mins

Ages: Children under 5


“Such a lovely, intimate time for the children”

Travelled Companions Productions

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