Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo

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Multi-award-winning performer and storyteller Danyah Miller vividly brings to life another enchanting tale by Michael Morpurgo.

Created by the same team who brought you the acclaimed and much-loved production of I Believe in Unicorns, Why The Whales Came is full of fun, mystery and adventure.

Children Gracie and Daniel have been forbidden to go near the mysterious and seemingly dangerous Birdman. But messages and clues intrigue them and, after being lost at sea in the fog and stranded on his tiny island, they begin to unravel the Birdman’s secrets, the villagers’ fears and superstitions and learn why the whales came to the island.

“Danyah’s performance is a tour de force…a glorious example of the magic of storytelling…” Michael Morpurgo

For Families, but not suitable for under 7 year olds

Running Time: 60 minutes without an interval


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