Wirral’s Viking Heritage

An online lecture by Dr Clare Downham

Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool

Wirral’s Viking heritage and the debate over the Battle of Brun(n)anburh

Before 1066, the most famous battle in English history is the Battle of Brunanburh fought in AD 937 between the English king Aethelstan and the combined forces of king Olaf Guthfrithsson of Dublin, king Constantine of Alba and king Owain of Strathclyde. The battle was a victory for Aethelstan, helping to secure the future of the kingdom of England, and a great poem was composed to commemorate the event.Numerous theories have been put forward for the location of the conflict which includes Bromborough on the Wirral.

This lecture will review the evidence for different battle sites and take on board recent archaeological discoveries which may relate to the conflict. The lecture will also consider the different cultures on Wirral during the Viking Age, including research conducted to develop the free smartphone app ‘The Viking Age in the North West’.

Booking is required before 4pm on 7 July. The talk will be presented using Zoom. You will receive an email invitation to join a Zoom meeting just after 4pm on 7 April.


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