Zoos: A captivating history

In 1847 a word entered the English language, Zoo. That year marked the opening of both Clifton Zoo (now Bristol) and London Zoo, both of who claim to have first used the term. They would not be the last, they certainly were not the first. Collections of animals have been kept since the time of the pharaohs. From the royal menageries of kings, emperors and maharajas to the Tower of London, from bear pits to a zoo without bars and from public spectacle to science, education and conservation. Discover the history of some of our favourite visitor attractions, their iconic sites and animals and 170 years on what the word zoo means in the 21st century. Also hear first-hand about the trials and tribulations of working with the public and animals, didn’t someone say not to do either of those things? How do you answer questions like “Why are your orangutans orange?”

Talk by Dr David Gledhill

Part of our Object of the Month Programme

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