Lisa Winning: Inspired by Alice

Lisa Winning: Inspired by Alice

Volunteer Lisa Winning has written a blog on her experiences of The Atkinson’s current exhibition, Inspired by Alice.

Your visit to the exhibition starts with the sound of the clock and curtains at the entrance which it feels magical. It will make you feel how much of a rush the White Rabbit was always in.

The detail in “down the rabbit hole” is absolutely beautiful. When you look through the keyhole it really does make the whole artwork magical from the way flowers are laid out to the Mad Hatters hat, this gives you a good idea on how the author wanted us to see his work.

Mad Hatters tea party is one really for anyone with a brilliant imagination, come along and dress up and play with the beautiful tea set and games make the experience come alive. Take photos while having a tea party with the Mad Hatter cut out and next to our over sized clock fun for children and adult.

The white rabbit trail would be exciting for any child. Where you look for the white rabbit posters all around the Atkinson when completed your children gets a small prize. This is all free all you have to do is go to the box office to start.

The decoration in the gallery is stunning, you can tell the effort that has been put into making your experience wonderful. The grass on the floor, to the painting of the tree in the wall to the giant insects really make you feel you’re actually walking into Wonderland.

The art box, when you’ve looked round the exhibition where your children can come and colour in some flowers, do a word scramble or even create their own version on Alice in Wonderland.

The Inspired by Alice exhibition will be a fun filled activity for you and your family with easy access to the toilets, baby changing facilities and disabled toilets. There is also plenty of room to move around with prams and wheelchairs. So please come visit Inspired by Alice, I hope to see you soon.

Posted on 11 June 2019 under General news

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