Grand designs in Ancient Greece

Grand designs in Ancient Greece

How can we use LEGO to learn about how ancient historical houses were built? The ‘Grand designs in Ancient Greece’ research project at University of Liverpool has worked with schools to create teaching resources and activities to help students learn about archaeology and Ancient Greek architecture.

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This stop-motion movie shows LEGO settlers at Naxos on Sicily building a black volcanic rock house from the seventh century BCE.

This stop-motion movie is designed to help students learn how to build an Ancient Greek house (from Olynthos) in LEGO.

Mosaics at Olynthos

Find out what mosaics were made from, where they were likely to be found and the different types of decoration featured.

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The Mosaic Apprentice

Complete one of the five mosaics below to impress the Mosaic Master!

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Thank you to Dr. Matthew Fitzjohn at University of Liverpool

Posted on 31 August 2020 under At Home Activities, General news

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