Kyle Macnamara paints The Atkinson

Kyle Macnamara paints The Atkinson

Kyle Macnamara’s painting of The Atkinson is now on display in Southport Library.

Kyle Macnamara’s amazingly detailed painting of The Atkinson has been inspired by project work undertaken at Bridge Inn Community Farm, Formby. Students at the farm, a day centre for adults with learning and mental health difficulties were asked by Green Sefton to produce a series of paintings to enhance parts of Hesketh Park, as a result of which we discovered Kyle’s amazing aptitude for painting.

Kyle started the painting in October 2019, his meticulous approach to the job has included shaping the ends of brushes with scissors to enable him to produce the amazing level of detail. Kyle worked completely independently on the image, deciding to surround the painting with clouds, mixing all the colours and directing every aspect of the painting himself and maintaining his interest through periods of illness and the interruption of lockdown. The painting has been executed in acrylic paint and those who know that medium will be impressed at how he has manipulated it to look as smooth as if it has been done in oils.

Bridge Inn are so proud of Kyle, their Facebook followers have watched the painting progress widely over the past nine months and Kyle now has a flood of requests for him to produce paintings on commission. We are very much looking forward to his next masterpiece!

You can now visit the inspiring artwork in Southport Library at The Atkinson.

Posted on 16 October 2020 under General news

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