Building a paper Spitfire: Part 2

Building a paper Spitfire: Part 2

Paper artist Suhail Shaikh is currently designing and making a scale model of a Spitfire Vb AB273 sculpture that will be on display as part of the Courage & Devotion exhibition at The Atkinson which opens 26 June 2021.

Here are some more images of the cockpit taking shape, with the instruments almost all complete. The gunsight, compass, seat and head-rest detail remain, which will be finished and installed this week.

To bring the personal story of the pilot and the plane into this piece I have begun weaving in some details. On the main instrument panel to the left is the clock and it shows 12h45. That is the moment on the 21st of feb 1942 that Sgt ZielinskI shot and damaged the Junkers 88 over the Walney Isles. I have also adapted the other instruments (altimeter, airspeed indic, engine settings, fuel etc) to suit.

I know, I know I should probably be locked up, but this detailing freezes the relevant moment in time and brings personal history into the object.

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Courage & Devotion looks at the lives of the Polish airmen based at RAF Woodvale and the surrounding area during World War 2. We are looking for any stories or objects you think may be relevant to the exhibition, please get in touch. Email

Posted on 16 February 2021 under Exhibition, General news

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