Mrs Goodison’s Egyptology Collection (Object of the Month)

Mrs Goodison’s Egyptology Collection (Object of the Month)

An Online Talk by Dr Jo Backhouse

Local lady Mrs Anne Goodison was a collector of Egyptology during the 19th century. Records simply record her as an amateur Egyptologist and a student of hieroglyphics. As she was a collector and buyer rather than an excavator, very little is recorded of her. This description however, does not do justice to the fantastic collection that she put together which is now on display at The Atkinson.

Jo Backhouse discusses what we do know about Mrs Goodison and looks at some of the key pieces from the collection.

This online talk was first presented 13 October as part of The Atkinson’sObject of the Month series of free talks.

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Posted on 27 October 2021 under Museum, Video

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