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Let us take you on a journey back to ancient Egypt

Our stunning Egyptology Gallery takes visitors on a journey through what life was like in ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs.

The gallery is split into four themes of ritual, everyday life, beauty and communication. Within each of these themes there is a host of objects that give a sense of what life as an ancient Egypt would have been like.

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Monday – Saturday 10am -4pm
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Connecting lives. Collecting everyday riches.

The story of the ordinary extraordinary across five Northwest museums. Click on the image below to discover the surprising story behind the North West’s Egyptology collections with our new online resource Gold and Grime.




Rituals / Visitors will discover in the ritual theme how religion and magic were a key part of both life and death for ancient Egyptians.

Everyday Life / Showcases toys that would have been played with thousands of years ago and sandals that would have been worn.

Beauty /  Visitors can see objects that were used in the preparation of make-up and jewellery that would have been worn.

Communication / Here we look at the different types of Egyptian writing and includes a scribal writing set and paint box complete with paints as well as Ostraca and steles.

With lots of hands-on activities there is something for all the family.


Museums for Learning

If you are a school or college find out more about the variety of resources we have. From loan boxes to plays, we will bring the museum alive for you.

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Have  a look at some of the items on display in our gallery.