The Atkinson’s First Pollinator-Friendly Planting Session

The Atkinson’s First Pollinator-Friendly Planting Session

On Tuesday 22 November, staff and volunteers offered their time for free to plant the raised beds outside The Atkinson with bee-friendly plants.

We have received funding from the Liverpool Community Environment Fund for a “bee Project” which includes increasing bee-friendly planting. Our aim is to provide a continuous supply of food for pollinators by planting seasonal flowers to ensure winter resources for solitary bees and our recently arrived honey bees. Our planting scheme will ensure seasonal flowering throughout the year for all pollinators and hopefully provide an attractive display.

One of our staff members Nicola, said;

“I am used to working as part a team but until now gardening had been a solitary activity, so it’s been a joy working with other passionate gardeners. I love planting but also the planning, as a gardener you are always thinking ahead to the next season, which I find is very positive. We are looking forward to seeing our planted beds progressing and we have already bought packets of seeds for our summer bee friendly display.”

Thank you team for your hard work! We hope to see lots of happy bees around Southport very soon.

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Posted on 24 November 2022 under Bees, General news

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