The Foyer: Me, Myself, My SPACE.

The Foyer: Me, Myself, My SPACE.

In our foyer you will notice a brand new exhibition. This vibrant exhibition is a celebration of youth, identity, creativity and diverse voices. Me, Myself, My SPACE invites you to embrace the power of self-expression, break down barriers, and embark on a journey of acceptance, love, and equality. Join us in this celebration of art that champions the unique stories and the unwavering spirit of the LGBT+ community, as we foster understanding, inspire change, and ignite a brighter future for all.

Date:  Saturday 27 May 2023  –  Saturday 1 July 2023

A new arts project, produced by Open Eye Gallery and The Atkinson in Southport, challenged young LGBTQI+ and ally people to use photography and art as a tool for navigating their identity, mental health, belonging and place through self-portraits. The resulting exhibition celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression in a creative and empowering way.

Open Eye Gallery has been working with long standing collaborators New Beginnings youth group, The Atkinson (Southport) and a new artist in residence Faye Héran to produce a self-portrait inspired body of work, culminating in a public exhibition opening 27th May, 2023 at The Atkinson, Southport.

For this new project, LGBTQI+ and allies youth group New Beginnings have come together to collaborate on Me, Myself, My SPACE in a space they knew well – MYA SPACE. The group decided to focus on a past exhibition displayed at The Atkinson in early 2023, The Unselfish Selfie, shining a light on self-portraits by contemporary artists who traditionally have not been given an equal voice and have remained largely invisible, particularly women artists and artists of colour.

Throughout art history, numerous artists have made self-portraits, many of which represented them in the act of painting. Self-portrait can be an expressive medium to explore the human condition, to confront one’s frailties and mortality, to engage with the issues of identity, diversity, and gender. The work created in Me, Myself, My SPACE is a collaborative effort that aims to empower young people to express themselves creatively, build self-confidence and celebrate their identities and ultimately, what makes them, them. New Beginnings have explored self-portraits through expressive and meaningful photography, art, moving images and music.

Speaking about the project, one of the group members said,
‘I have enjoyed being part of this project because it has helped with my confidence and it has helped me with photography because I’m picking it for college.’


Artist in Residence, Faye Héran said:

“This project has been a labour of love for me. As an artist, I wanted to give the group the creative freedom; to take photographs, make art, write, dance, sing, dress up and celebrate their unique personalities. I truly believe the work that has been created is groundbreaking in terms of offering the world an unfiltered glimpse into their lives in Liverpool. Art has the power to unite communities, heal, educate, challenge the status quo and breathe colour into the world. The young people in this group are trailblazers”

Open Eye Gallery’s Creative Producer for schools and young people, Anna Wijnhoven, said:

‘Working with the New Beginnings youth group has been an incredible experience. The freedom and fun of the work created by this group of talented individuals demonstrates their desire to be listened to, and given the space to allow this to happen. The young people whose voices are platformed in this project are proof of a quest for being unapologetically themselves, a quest in which they have so evidently and proudly defeated’.

Identity, belonging, and place are all crucial elements in shaping the lives of young people today. As young people navigate the complexities of life, identity, belonging and place all intertwine and play a significant role in personal growth and development. As young people seek to establish a sense of self, find their place in the world, and form connections with others who share their values and interests, the quest for identity, belonging and place shapes lives in ways we may not be able to comprehend.

Me, Myself, My SPACE is a project partnership between Open Eye Gallery and The Atkinson and is supported by Hope Street, Curious Minds and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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Selfie Workshop with photographer Faye Héran
Delivered in partnership with Open Eye Gallery.
17 June 2023
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